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Give yourself a head start by knowing what to expect when you go for your theory & practical tests

Going to your theory test can be daunting but knowing what to expect will help you prepare and give you the confidence you need to help you concentrate on the job in hand.

I've compiled some videos below which I hope will help you prepare for your tests and other aspects of driving.

Theory test

The official DVSA guide to passing your theory test - both the multiple-choice and hazard perception parts

Show and Tell

How to check your cars oil level

DVSA show me, tell me - inside the car : driving test questions

Outside the car : driving test questions

How to check your type for correct pressure and tread

Checking your handbrake

Checking the level of fluids in you car

Brakes, lights, indicators and horn checks

Hazard perception

Trailer for the only official fully interactive hazard perception DVD for all drivers and motorcyclists. Buy it at

Practical test

Official DVSA to guide to what happens during the driving test and what it takes to pass it - including the eyesight test, 'show me, tell me' questions, reversing exercises, and independent driving parts of the test.

Other stuff

'The Honest Truth' road safety charity is working to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads. Find out more by visiting and following us on Twitter and Facebook

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